When it comes to beautifying their homes, Perth householders have never had so much choice. Not surprisingly, given our climate, they are particularly concerned to provide shade against the fierce sun we have in such abundance.

Shade Sails not only provide excellent protection from glare and UV, but yield a huge aesthetic dividend, too. The complex, curvilinear geometry of sails, which come in a wide variety of colours, provides a deeply satisfying contrast to the straight lines and angularity of conventional building structures. Their demountable design means they can provide shade and privacy as, when and where it is required.

Design Excellence

Shade Solutions has been designing and installing shade sail rigs in Perth homes for over 20 years. All our installations are custom designed, and in that time, we have developed an unrivalled expertise in all aspects of this challenging field. For most homeowners, the visual appeal of a shade rig is a key attribute. And the key to beauty lies in simplicity – over-complex designs are not only awkward to manage, but lack the grace of a well-designed rig.

Tension sail shade rigs have to be tethered, and the loads to which they can be subjected are big enough to cause damage to masonry; even failure if the damage is left undetected. Shade Solutions has engineered innovative fixings which correctly distribute rigging loads, eliminating the risk of damage.

Materials Excellence

All shade cloth materials are most definitely not equal! They may look the same when new, but over time inferior materials succumb to the ravages of glare and UV, losing their colour and structural strength. Using local manufacturers, we ensure that only the very best cloths, edgings, stitching and fixtures. And that goes for our shade sail repairs.

We keep a selection of our designs on display at our Home Base Expo Subiaco. So if you’re looking for stylish, robust protection from the sun, why not come down and see us?