Much as we enjoy our climate here in Perth, the health implications of overexposure to the sun are now well understood, and businesses have a clear duty to protect their workforces. Custom designed shade sails are a great way to provide temporary and demountable glare and UV protection. And while aesthetics may not be at the top of the list of desirable features, many businesses welcome the opportunity to meet their obligations to their employees in a way that is stylish and visually appealing.


While the appearance of a shade sail rig may not be of primary importance to many commercial users, functionality certainly is, and here’s where Shade Solutions’ 20 years of experience come to the fore. The use of tension sails, with their complex geometry, is a craft which the computer-aided design we use these days can never fully replace. Put simply, we design the simplest solution to every project.

We ensure the long life and durability of our designs by using only the very best materials, from Australian manufacturers. The cloths we use come in a large variety of colours, and have proven ability to survive the rigours of our climate without fade or degradation. And when necessary we can offer an efficient shade sail repair service.

Tethering Fixtures

One aspect of shade sail design that can trap the unwary is the method of tethering the rig to the building to which it is attached. Loads from sail rigs can rise alarmingly in foul weather. Particularly when it has to be tethered to masonry, poor design of the tethering fixture can lead over time to damage and even failure. Shade Solutions has engineered novel fixture designs which distribute these loads optimally, giving many years of trouble-free service.

If your workplace needs a stylish, robust solution to glare and UV protection, give the experts at Shade Solutions a call today.