DSC_2280Shade Solutions – Two Decades of Experience

Since 1996 Shade Solutions has been supplying custom shade sails and repairs to one of the sunniest cities on earth. As a young qualified carpenter working in Perth, Patrick could see that designers and architects sometimes struggled to make optimum use of the new shading fabrics that were coming into use.

Patrick and an engineer friend set out to tackle these issues, looking at innovative ways to fix shade sails to buildings so that the loads were properly distributed. It was entirely appropriate that the business he founded should be called Shade Solutions, because we pride ourselves on being able to devise a solution to any shading problem.

Commercial, Residential, Architectural

Using only premium components and materials, Shade solutions has been designing, making and installing shade sails for householders, business owners and architects for over 20 years. Shade sails owe much of their visual appeal to their parabolic shapes, but these are geometrically complex, and achieving them without wrinkles and over stressing requires skill and experience. Although we can now do much of our design work using computers, no software alone can quite predict the behaviour of load-bearing textiles, and experience is vital.

Quality Materials, Quality Components

Here are just some of the features that make our shade sails so special:

  • Fixings: stainless steel
  • Edges: 100% polyester webbing
  • Stitching: marine grade polyester
  • Corners: reinforced corners with stainless steel D-rings
  • Material: strong and durable – Excellent UVR Protection
  • Colours: vibrant, modern, extensive
  • Installation: quick and professional
  • Structurally: constructed to engineers specifications.
  • Designs: innovative, versatile and unlimited!
  • Posts: Galvanised with a powder coat finish.

Choosing Your Shade Solution

We keep a selection of our shade sail designs on display at Home Base Expo Subiaco, and you’re welcome to come for a look. If you’re looking for new or replacement shade sails, or for shade sail repairs, you can either request a quotation then, or contact Patrick here.