The last twenty years have seen the shade sail come into its own, and a custom designed shade sail installation is now a focal point in many architects’ designs. Used on its own, a shade sail rig provides a visually appealing defence against glare; but architects are making imaginative use of shade sails in combination with glazed roofs to control heat.Custom Designed shade sails

In that time, materials have improved, and we’ve had time to see and overcome the problems that can arise over the life of a system. Deformation, leading to wrinkling; tethering fixtures which over time damage the masonry to which they are attached, and colour fade – Perth’s Shade Solutions has addressed all of these:


Deformation can be caused either by the use of inferior cloth or by inexperience in the design of the rig – often both. Tension sail design requires the use of specialist software – the complex curves that make them so attractive can so easily develop wrinkles if the geometry is not perfect. Computers now assist us, but there is no substitute for an experienced eye.

Materials matter

all shade cloths are not equal, and only the best will resist deformation over time, hold colour fast and survive relentless UV radiation. We use only the very best, high quality materials, ensuring that our systems survive undeformed for many years.


over the life of a shade sail system it will encounter every weather condition, and the wind loads to which the rig is subjected are great enough to damage the masonry to which they are tethered. Shade Solutions has engineered novel fixture designs which reflect the geometry of the rig, and provide optimum load distribution.

Shade Solutions are your partner in the design, installation and repair of shade sail installations. We keep a selection of our shade sail rigs on display at our Home Base, so why not come down for a chat about your next project?

Shade Sail Applications

  • Protect from harmful UV Radiation,
  • Reduce Heat; outdoors, and through glass windows,
  • Curtail glare and sun reflection,
  • Provide Privacy screening,
  • Add eye-catching Colour,
  • Define Space,

Peruse the image gallery below for exciting shade sail applications Shade Solutions have implemented.